Davy Wauters
Born April 19, 1984

Hey !

Ladies, I personally want to welcome you to this website! In February 2010, I have set myself the incredible challenge of creating a magazine and a clothing line that could meet women's expectations! A big challenge, right? Of course, there are already a lot of women's magazines and clothing brands, so how can I add anything? How is Davyl different from the others?


First, the content is mostly written by you, readers! I want to create true interactivity between the readers. I am counting on your support for this! Send us your articles, questions, answers, interviews, etc..

Second, Davyl wants to include a video section and allow you to discover a different dimension than in traditional magazines!

Third, a magazine for women created by a man?! I hope to be able to offer a little extra to set Davyl apart from the ordinary! I strive to be innovative and creative!

Fourth, Davyl is free! The magazine is funded by advertisements; the more visits to the site, the better! So, it will help me a lot if you spread the word about www.davyl.com among your friends!

Last but not least, there will be photos of good-looking men! In my opinion, most women's magazines do not offer a lot to please your eyes! Why shouldn't women be able to look at sexy men in bathing suits when men have the chance to see girls in bikinis in all their magazines?


I want to go beyond a magazine by developing a universe strictly reserved to women! I want to create a WOMEN COMMUNITY including a clothing line, parties, shops and even more. Davyl is all about you. Davyl indulges your senses and desires by giving you exactly what you asked for. Davyl is a delicate blend of sensuality and glamour, a place where every woman reigns supreme.

Sexy, Elegant and Sensual – this is what a woman represents in my eyes! No matter what, a woman can be Sexy, Elegant and Sensual. It's all in the mind! Women should accept themselves as they are and not search for physical weaknesses, but just have fun in life. If you think that you are pretty, you will feel more self-confident and act like a pretty woman. I have created Davyl to best meet your expectations; please don’t hesitate to share your comments and ideas so that I can try to achieve this goal. After all, I am only a man.

Have fun!


PS: I would also like to thank the people who encouraged me in this project!

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