You might want to see more sexy, good-looking men in your magazines. Davyl thought about it by bringing you a feast for your eyes.


One goal of this section is to prove that sexuality is not a taboo subject and that you can talk or laugh about it without fear!


The magazine includes interesting and amusing games, quizzes, articles and interviews!


Do you sometimes wonder: “What is everyone else doing? Am I normal?”. In the “Statistics” section you will find answers, funny data and some unexpected results!


Davyl gives you the opportunity to share your experiences, from the most torrid to the funniest ones, including the worst! Therefore, we need YOU, your stories, your experiences, your interviews...


It’s exciting to read the fantasies and experiences of others! Sharing your fantasies and discovering those of other people can give you ideas or spice up your relationship! So, singles and couples, don't hesitate to send us your stories.


Write us in complete freedom! By using our online form your data stays confidential.

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